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About Us

welcome you to my website. I started my profession as Development Officer in January 1990. I am extremely happy and proud to represent one of the mightiest organizations of our Country- “LIC of India.” It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction and I feel I am in the best profession. I can proudly say LIC has given me a wonderful opportunity to build careers. I have been instrumental in improving the standard of living of at least one hundred families. I wish to extend this to many more deserving families of our country.

I am a basic commerce Graduate, and also passed the CAL, (Certificate of Agency Leadership) form the American College.

My Vision: To be a role model Leader by creating career opportunities for 1000 persons, transform them as enterprising professionals & reach the number one position in the country before 2012 and continue to retain the position until retirement, in line with the corporation’s Goal.

My Mission: Recruiting Agents in a phased manner, from all segments, identify their inner tendency and talents, impart adequate knowledge to work independently, help them to fix their goals, monitor them systematically, assisting them where ever necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals, in line with the objectives of the corporation.

My Elevator Speech: “We Built Careers.”

I look for People who have the basic fire to achieve some thing Great in a much disciplined way. All I expect is Honesty and inclination to work hard. The rest will be my responsibility in shaping them and transforming them to a Professional. I strongly believe that once any one becomes my team member, I am responsible for their prosperity. I assure that I will render utmost support for the ultimate satisfaction of my conscious.